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07 Δεκεμβρίου 2012

Greece in Crisis-Dramatic Increase of Suicides: 3,124 People in 2009-2012

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Greece in Crisis-Dramatic Increase of Suicides: 3,124 People in 2009-2012Greece recorded a dramatic increase of suicides during the last three years of economic crisis, austerity, recession and loan agreements. According to Greek Ministry of Public Order and Citizen protection, 3,124 people across the country committed suicide in the time between 1.1.2009 and 28.8.2012. The date refer to suicides with tragic end and to attempts where people were rescued.

According to date collected and released, suicides recorded an increase of  37% between 2009 and 2011.
2009: 677
2010: 830
2011: 927
2012: 690 until 23. August.
Tragic ‘champion’ is Athens with 355 suicides, followed by Thessaloniki with 319.
 Minister Nikos Dendias declared that “the suicides are not the result of only one factor but a phenomenon in connection of several outside factors like social, family, profession etc but also private-internal’.
I think the minister tries to say that the phenomenon of suicides has to do with the personal psychologicla situation of the person as well as with the outside factors… 
The Ministry of Public Order published these data after two MPs from left-wing SYRIZA posed questions about the phenomena of children under malnutrition and citizens’ suicides. The MPs quoted a UNICEF report talking about 439,000 children suffering under malnutrition.
Full list of suicides according to georgraphic areas here.
PS I guess, the ministry is still collecting the data on malnurished children and we will soon have the results. 

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